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Welcome to the Forums

Welcome to Donald's Forums! In this forum, you are allowed to create topics on and discuss about everything, be it studies, gaming, hobbies, sports, etc. as long as it is sensible and appropriate. Bug reports, issues and/or feedback regarding my personal website (http://donaldkellett.github.io) are also more than welcome and can be posted here on this Forum.

So, before you proceed, I would like to bring your attention to one thing: this Forum is not a real forum in technical terms. In a real Forum, whenever you create a thread or submit a comment, the thread/comment is saved onto the website automatically for everyone else to see. However, in this "Forum", if you want to create a topic and/or comment on it, you must go to the related page (e.g. "Request a Post" to create a topic). After that, you must fill in the form and click "Submit" (or equivalent). This then opens up your email with a pre-formatted and pre-typed email which you should then click "Send" to send it to me. Finally, if I approve of the comment, I will manually add it to the website and you will be notified of your successful request. The reason I could not create a real Forum is because GitHub Sites do not support server-side code like PHP, which is crucial for creating services like Forums. However, luckily for me, there is a feature in Javascript (typical coding language used to make simple games) that allows me to mimic certain aspects of a real working Forum, such as logging in and logging out. The consequence of this is that all threads or comments are moderated by me before they are added into the site, which I suppose is good because it keeps this Forum clean.

If you are viewing this message using the Guest account, I would strongly recommend you to register for an account. The procedure can be found by logging out.

Please note that if you have an account, before you start posting anything, you should first read the Terms of Service carefully. Thank you, and enjoy!