Heads up! This GitHub User Site is no longer my official site; therefore, this site will most probably no longer be updated. My official site is now published at http://naitsabes.com with a whole load of improved features. For example, the new site now runs mainly on PHP instead of Javascript which means that the "Forums" (called the "Feedback Corner" in the new site) are real and functioning, unlike the false "Forums" on this site. Enjoy!

About Me

I am Donald Sebastian Leung, a Year 12 (Sixth Form) student studying at Kellett School. My favorite subject is Maths, and my favorite pastime is coding.

This year, I am starting my AS courses for Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics. I am also planning to take A2 Maths this year.


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I am currently attempting a C3 and C4 paper every week, and so far I have been getting full marks. Hopefully it will stay this way until the exam.

The Kellett Sixth Form (Youde) University Blog has recently been officially scrapped. However, I kept the files for the blog. Scroll down to explore!

Past Events

  • I graduated from Think International School at around June 2011.
  • I studied in Creative Secondary School from August 2011 to July 2013.
  • I have completed Kumon Maths (Core) in December 2012.
  • I have also completed Kumon Maths (Level X) at 12/07/14.
  • In Summer 2014, I completed an EPYMT course (TDG) with Credit/Distinction.
  • In April-June 2014, I learned how to code in an ECA in Kellett School provided by BSD Academy.
  • During Summer 2015, I went to an "Internet Game Development for Beginners" course in HKUST and got an A+ grade.

Featured Projects

Client Websites

Below are websites I have created for my clients.

Innovision Website (Kellett JA Company Programme 2014-2015)

This is the Kellett JA Company Website for 2014-2015 and also the first website that I created for a client, so the layout is rather simple. This website is now archived within a GitHub Project Page. Click on the image above to explore.

Ms. Henderson's Year 11 IGCSE Biology Set 1 (2014-2015) Website

This is the second website that I have created for a client. Since this is a more recent website and since I have taught myself how to code in Javascript, this website contains slightly more advanced features such as a timer. Click on the image above to explore.

Kellett School Sixth Form Website

Files of Kellett Sixth Form Official Website

This blog was recently officially scrapped because it violated the School's policies, which state that any such blog must go through the school system called iLearn. However, I have kept the website files because this was too large of a project to just throw away. Click on the image to view and download the code!

AS and A-Level Courses

Below are some of the courses that I am currently taking at AS or A-Level. Scroll down to explore.

AS Physics

AS Physics

This repo contains all of the typed-up projects related to AS Physics. Click on the image above to explore.

There are more featured projects in Donald Leung - Math and Donald Leung - Code.