Welcome to my Math Page! Below are some of my most successful projects.

Featured Projects

Parametric Function Grapher

After I took an EPYMT Summer Course on the very basics of Towards Differential Geometry, I have finally been able to create a math "app" via Desmos that returns information about a parametric curve when you type in a pair of parametric functions. Click on the image above to try it out! The "app" returns a visual interpretation of the tangent and normal vectors and also returns the curvature at any point on the curve.

Parametric Function Grapher Pro

Just a Pro version of the project to the left (i.e. it has more features). Don't worry - it is free (I can't make anyone pay for Desmos projects anyway) - click on the image above to check it out!

Weierstrass Function

During the Summer 2014 EPYMT Towards Differential Geometry course, one of the TAs mentioned about this really strange function called the Weierstrass Function. The Weierstrass function is continuous but not differentiable at any point. Click on the image above to explore!

LaTeX Projects

I have recently learned how to code in LaTeX, the programming language for mathematicians and their mathematics projects. Click on the image above to view my LaTeX projects!

Minimum Spanning Tree Finder (using Prim's Algorithm)

I have recently started my A-Levels. In a Further Maths lesson, Mr. Dwyer taught us about using an algorithm called Prim's Algorithm to find a minimum spanning tree (MST) in a graph/network. I have then tried to code the algorithm into a program and (partially) succeeded. Click on the image to try it out!

A downloadable version is also available at

Recommended Links

Here are some math websites that I trust and frequently visit or use.