Code and I

Before Year 10, I knew little to nothing about coding, so I always wondered: How's it like to code a website (without using a website builder, of course)? At around Summer 2014, I finally got first-hand experience on building a website on my own - thanks to an ECA jointly provided by BSD Academy and Kellett School. Since then, my enthusiasm and curiosity for coding grew and I started to search for coding lessons on the Web to enhance my coding skills. When I first did the BSD Academy/Kellett School ECA, I was only able to create websites with static content, but now, I have learned a great deal of Javascript and am even capable of creating (very) simple games.

Featured Projects

Iron Man Jump

When I first entered the Web and App Development ECA, Nickey showed me a game he made called "Iron Man Jump". Since then, I have created a lot of alternative versions of it. Click on the image above to download the code!

Iron Man Jump Experiments

These are the even more sophisticated remakes of the original "Iron Man Jump" game by Nickey. Click on the image to download the code!

60-second Multiplication Game

This is the latest version of the first game that I created from scratch. Here, you can alter the difficulty of the game, and press enter to submit your answer instead of pressing a button. Click on the image to download the code!

gpsNav - The app for online GPS tracking

This is the most updated version my first MIT Licensed application. It enables you to customize your own GPS tracking device on your website or whatever. Currently, no glitches have been detected in this latest version. Please email me if you are an experienced coder and find glitches and loopholes in this app. Otherwise, click on the image to download the code and use it!

Slidex - A Template for Customizable Slideshows

This app/template allows you to create a highly customized slide show. Instead of just editing the background theme, color and font, you can create your own links, buttons and even games in Slidex! Feel free to download, modify and publish your own project with Slidex! The only thing you have to remember is that it is MIT Licensed, so don't forget to include the license!

LaTeX Projects

I have recently learned how to code in LaTeX, the programming language for mathematicians and their mathematics projects. Click on the image above to view my LaTeX projects!

Zombie Massacre

Originally the name of a group coding project in the HKUST Game Development Summer Course, Donald decided that this project was too good to be simply put aside and forgotten. For this reason, he specifically created a separate repository for this game so it can be more easily found. Click on the image to start playing! The game may be updated occasionally when Donald has lots of time to kill.

Major Coding Experiments

Emails and Subscriptions Test

I recently whipped up this test to see how much I could do with Javascript regarding sending emails by email forms, managing subscribers and managing and updating databases manually. This experiment turned out to be a huge success as most things happened as expected.

To make this coding experiment look cooler, I used a modern-looking business website template provided by HTML5 UP. As a result, the interface of this coding experiment resembles that of a typical company website. Enjoy!

There is also a downloadable version on GitHub. Just click on the "Download as ZIP" button and you're done!

Minimum Spanning Tree Finder (using Prim's Algorithm)

I have recently started my A-Levels. In a Further Maths lesson, Mr. Dwyer taught us about using an algorithm called Prim's Algorithm to find a minimum spanning tree (MST) in a graph/network. I have then tried to code the algorithm into a program and (partially) succeeded. Click on the image to try it out!

A downloadable version is also available at

Summer Programmes

HKUST Summer Institute SISP 1305 - Internet Game Development for Beginners

This repository contains all of my coding projects that are related to this course. Click on the image above to explore!

For more projects, please click on the GitHub icon on the footer of this website (my GitHub account). Click on the tab "repositories" to browse all of my coding projects.

Kellett Coders

Behold the Kellett Coders! Below are the most enthusiastic coders that I know in Kellett School.

Harry Streatfield

He is the most enthusiastic coder out of all the people I know. He joined the BSD Web and App Development course one semester after I did, fell in love with coding and then kept joining the course ever since. He now knows a good amount of HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as a little bit of PHP.

Harry has also met a lot of coders that I have not even heard of. Go to his "Kellett Coders" page to meet more coders!

Psst ... the password to his website is "harrystreats" (at the time of writing)!

Harry's Website

Recommended Links

Below are a number of coding websites (or websites that have something to do with code) that I frequently visit and use.