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Iron Man Jump

The Classic Versions of Iron Man Jump

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What is Iron Man Jump?

Iron Man Jump is a remake of Doodle Jump based on the movie series "Iron Man". It was originally created by Nickey Khem as a coding example. The source code can still be found here.

During the time that I was learning how to code, I made a lot of modifications to his game. Game modes include: Easy, Hard, Booster, Apocalypse, etc.

How is it different to Iron Man Jump Experiments?

While the game modes provided in Iron Man Jump Experiments are much more sophisticated and experimental, the game modes provided in Iron Man Jump are more simple. Of course, you can still mess with the code after you've downloaded it.

Can I play it online?

As of 12/01/15, Iron Man Jump is no longer available online in The original version is available at Codepen (as mentioned above), but the modified versions will have to be downloaded.

How do I play the game after I've downloaded it?

After you've downloaded the files, click on the file with the name "index.html" and the game should open up in your web server.

You do not need internet connection to open the file. The game is still playable even if you are not using WiFi, as long as you have the file.