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Iron Man Jump Experiments

This repo contains all the special changes I have made in Iron Man Jump.

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Welcome to Iron Man Jump Experiments!

Click on the folders to download the code! You can play around with it, and if you are a keen coder, you can try and mess with the code. Made some interesting changes? Email me at! If I think the changes you made to the game are worth posting, I might add it to this repo with your name on the copyright!

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New Experiments

These are the experiments that have been recently released. If the experiment was not made by Iron Man Jump Experiments, the creator of the experiment will be mentioned and credited.

There are currently no new experiments.

Experiment Details

The Iron Man Jump Experiments below are the original experiments provided by DonaldKellett.
I did not add my name to the copyright, so feel free to download it and make changes! The only thing that I ask for is that you leave the "Design: Iron Man Jump Experiments" intact if you are going to use it for your own website.

Iron Man Jump with Score Limits (Experiment 0)

This version of Iron Man Jump was originally created for Innovision as an incentive for people to buy shares. Later on, I sent this to Harry Streatfield as a challenge for him to find out the line(s) of code responsible for the score limit.
In theory, once you reach 1000 points, the game automatically stops you from scoring more by killing the character. However, in reality, when the character is falling, it still (for some reason) gains a few points before showing the game over screen.
There is actually an online version of this game on the Innovision site. Click here to play it online!

Experiment 1 - Increasing Gravity Mode

In this version of Iron Man Jump, everything is normal at the start. However, as you keep playing, the gravity gradually gets stronger and stronger until it is impossible to reach the next platform. I have played it a lot of times, and the maximum score someone can get before the gravity gets too strong is somewhere between 1000 and 2000 points.

Experiment 2 - Decreasing Gravity Mode

This version of Iron Man Jump is the exact opposite of Experiment 1 - as you play the game the gravity decreases. Once you start, things can only get easier!

Experiment 3 - Swapped Keyboard Controls

In this version, the left and right control keys are swapped (i.e. pressing the left key makes the character go right and vice versa) to confuse you. See how long you can survive!

Experiment 4 - Swapped Keyboard Controls 2

This version is even harder and wackier! All the main keyboard controls are swapped - see if you can figure out which key is which! It might take a few practices to get used to playing this mode.

Experiment 5 - Hold Key Mode

In this version, the keyboard controls are back to normal. However, once you press a control, the computer automatically holds it for you. This version tests you ability to time your movements correctly. How long can you survive?

Experiment 6 - Random Spring Mode

The springs in this game mode are unpredictable. They might give you a huge boost, or they might drag you down to your doom. Are you willing to take the risk and jump on the springs, or are you going to stay safe and avoid them? The decision is up to you.

Great Contributions

There are currently no new experiments made by anyone else. Want your version to be posted here with your name on the copyright? Mess around with the code and email me your version!