Welcome to Innovision!

This is Innovision, an ethical trading company that sells recycled products.

Who we are

Innovision, a JA Company, was founded by 16 Kellett Senior School students in 2014. Our company is participating in the 2014/2015 JA Company Programme competition in Hong Kong. Our ultimate aim is to win the competition by successfully setting up and operating our own socially responsible company and impressing the judges at the final presentation who will decide the winners.


All products have already been sold out at the Trade Fair.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build awareness of ethical trading within our school community. The products that we want to produce are various designs and styles of printed hoodies and t‐shirts, and bracelets that we manufacture ourselves from recycled materials. Our finished goods will be sold at trade fairs in and around Hong Kong in November and December. The capital raised from this share offering will be used for the production and marketing of our products. Any revenue gained from sales will be either reinvested or distributed back to our shareholders when our company is liquidated at the end of the competition.